A Letter…

Let me tell you about the greatest gift in the world……

To my Dear Friend,

  If I could have one more chance to sit down with you and share my heart this is what I would like to say:

   I want you to know that I have always felt blessed to have such a wonderful friend to share life with… laughter, tears, hopes, disappointments, dreams, and new beginnings

 Time passes quickly- We are getting older now and I don’t know how much time I have left so I just want to have this chance to tell you one more thing

I feel bad about how a lot of things in life have turned out for you….  The truth is that life is hard; a lot of the time life can be rotten and cold and disappointing 

It’s like a song I heard: “Life is hard, the world is cold; you’re barely young and then you’re old”

 Yes, That’s how it is –and suddenly things didn’t turn out the way we once so eagerly planned, hoped, and dreamed they would- and it’s easy to become disillusioned and disheartened.

And so it’s not surprising to see that you are often cynical, cold, hard, and disillusioned about this life.

I know that you are especially cynical about God, and especially Christianity. But I’m asking you – in case this is the last chance I have-

    to please at least take the time to come and see who Jesus is, and what He did, and what He said  Before it’s too late…

And, please don’t judge God by people  

– yes, it is true that in the name of religion and Christianity people have done, and still do, horrible things

   Like prosperity preachers ripping people off,  priests abusing kids, pastors selling their “wares” to become rich and famous, -countless people have been killed, abused, taken advantage of, and victimized – all done in the name of Jesus

BUT that is not God’s fault!! -and it is not Jesus’ fault that they did these things!

  (it would be just like if someone was wearing your jersey with your name “Friend” across the back and that person was rude, stealing, killing, ripping people off, etc.… and then people went around saying ‘that Friend person is a jerk, thief, and murderer!’ -you would not want them to judge you based on what someone wearing your jersey did because that was not you, and you certainly did not want that kind of person wearing it anyway.)

  Yes, these terrible things have been done in the name of Jesus and Christianity –  But don’t judge God by them!   those things are horrible, and they are wrong!      But they were done, and are being done, by horrible, rotten, sinful, evil, wicked, scoundrel people

     Don’t judge God by the actions of evil, wicked, and sinful people!  That is not who He is!

So, you see, I am asking you to please take the time to see for yourself who Jesus really is …..
–  See What He said –  and what He did – before it is too late…

I’m asking you  to Please Believe in Jesus

If this life seems horrible, rotten, and pointless- You need to realize that there is something much worse

 – Because the truth is that there IS something after this life…

There is eternal life, a life that is not hard, that is not cold, that is not painful, sorrowful, or disappointing.    It is full of joy and hope and purpose- no more tears, or death, or crying, or pain, or regrets! (Revelation 21:4)

And there is eternal death, because Hell is real, and it really is a place of eternal torment

– and the reality is that

The only thing worse than living this miserable rotten life – Full of disappointment, regret, sorrow, pain, and suffering

   Would be to suddenly wake up and find yourself in a place that’s eternally. worse!!

A place that you can never get out of…    From which there is no escape…   which has no possibility or hope of EVER ending or changing!

   Because no matter how rotten this world gets

        No matter how horrible it possibly could be

              There is always an end in this world!

But the horrible alternative is that you end up in a place a million times worse than this life where there is NO end! Ever. No escape. No changing your mind. No end! Ever! —  That is the ultimate tragedy!!

So I am asking you to please, please

   Please Believe in Jesus –

So that when this difficult life is over   You can have an eternity of joy  – and for the rest of this life you can have real hope and peace

I am just asking you to come and see for yourself, please at least be willing to look for yourself and see    What Jesus said,   what Jesus did,   who He was,   and what He says about how you can have eternal life

You can find out for yourself in the book of John, which tells us everything we need to know.

When I think about the hopelessness this world offers and then I think of all the hope that Jesus offers I wonder…   What reason you could possibly have  for not believing in Jesus

My one final request is

Please believe in Jesus

     I care for you

Your  Friend

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